New HIFU Suave LIPO - Cellulite and Fat Reduction leave smooth skin

The Suave lift is a non-invasive long term cellulite reduction and skin smoothing treatment for cottage cheese appearance skin.

The Suave lift is used with the High Focused Intensity Ultrasound Cellulite shell reduction to create smooth appearance and lymphatic drainage.


We guarantee our customers minor discomfort with no down time.

Our service uses French-Japanese Aesthetic Method including local occupant pressure therapy to improve clogged body toxic after fat elimination.

The result is visible in a few days. The Lymphatic Drainage Treatment with Aromatherapy is available. Fat eliminate Beverage is complementary upon the treatment.
Belly --- Use Deep Device each deep enough as 16mm from the skin surface
*Optional 3week or later, 13mm Device to break up cellulite balls if you need.

If your stomach fat is leses than 2in, start from 13mm and next option is 8mm

Thigh and Flank ---- Mid Deep Device reaches to 8mm deep from the skin surface
*Optional 4.5mm Device to break up cellulite balls if you need.

Arms or Torso ----- Semi-Mid Depth reaches to 4.5mm deep from the skin surface
*Optional 1.5mm Device to tightening up skin surface if you need.