CaVi-RFreez...lose up to 2 in in a Month with only 60min procedure

Finally.... CaVi-RFreez will help you perfectly. with no Pain!!!

Cavi-RFreez   is the Best Slimming Treatment for your stubborn FAT that you could NOT lose by yourself.

Cavi-RFreez can destroy Hard fat, Cellulite, and promote blood circulation to dispose fat from body quick.

Most of the clients saw about 1 inch loss right after treatment and surprisingly, you will see another 1-2 inch loss result within 3month.

The Cavitation Technology CRUSHES HARD SHELL of UGLY LOOKING CELLULITE in your body. once the FAT is SUCCESSFULLY BURST by hyper ultrasound, the appearance of YOUR BODY LOOKS FLATTER IMMEDIATELY. secondly, Multi-polar RF technology of 
Cavi-RFreez MELTS FAT at the top and Mid layer and INCREASE LYMPHATIC FLOW, TIGHTEN your SKIN after loose fat also.

That is AVOID from YOUR SKIN look SAGGY. y after fat loss from other medical fat loss treatment. even more, we have special NEGATIVE PRESSURE FAT FREEZE device of Cavi-RFreez is attached on your desired area, the melted soft fat by RF will be change shape to be frozen fluid. Such from Ice cream to be Italian Gelato or Popsicle. of course after defrost the Popsicle, it is turn to the juice fluid. Do not forget, Cavi-RFreez only does STIMULATE YOUR CORE MUSCLE during the procedure. It helps build your deep muscle during treatment and GAIN more BODY METABOLISM



One and Only
The Lash & Freeze
Total REG. $699 + $160 = $898
LASH'n'FREEZ Promo Price
$399 Only!
SAVE your TIME and GET BOTH while lay down 


1 Fullset Eyelash 90min = $160 worth
Choose option from as follows,
A: 1 Front Tummy CaVi-RFreeze 
B: Inner Thigh CaVi-RFreeze
C: Outer Arms CaVi-RFreeze

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